Espresso: Gilly Blend

Single 1.5

Doppio 3

Lickshot 5.5
gingerbeer + spro ( simple syrup & lime )

Ameritopo 5.5
topo minerals + spro (slightly swt’n)

Aromatic 4

Sorrel, Chaider, Pulp


Choose Your Preferred Brewing Method:

Drip 2
12oz | av. till noon

Pour-Over MKT
single origin of the day | ChemeX

Cold Brew 4.25
coffee steeped for 16hrs.

Trogen 5
cold brew coffee infused w/ nitrogen


2oz of Spro w/ milk

Seasonal Flavors: Ginger Snap, Tarragon, Coriander, Honey-nut, Brown Sugar, Dulce De Leche

Cort. 3
cut w/ 2oz of milk

Capp. 4
3oz steamed, 3oz foam

La. 4.5
10oz of steamed milk

Mo. 5.25
9oz of steamed + choc. ganache


Bar Snacks, Condiments

Patty 2
Muffin 3


Topo 2.25
Malt 3


crm .25
Non Dairy Milk .75

fall elixirs